Question 10: What about the lie detector tests that Mr. Walters claims that he has passed? 

Answer: The Lie Detector Tests-- A misleading Issue.   In the Aug. 16, 1990, Gulf Breeze Sentinel, Ed Walters wrote an article entitled " Tommy Smith's Statements Questioned." In this article Ed writes: On June 19 I was challenged by Tommy's  father to take a lie detector test. On that same evening I took the test and passed. Ed Walters has now taken 4 seperate tests with three different examiners and passed them all. My wife Frances and Hank Boland were also tested previously."


In an interview with Ed and Frances in Sept. 1990 in which Charles Flannigan and the Salisberrys were present, we asked Frances if she had ever taken a lie detector test and she said, "No" . She explained that a taped interview had been tested by MUFON without their specific approval. Two tapes were submitted by Bob Oeschler to an examiner in Maryland. The examiner stated: " The way the interviews were done and the type of information discussed does not give the examiner the  verbal material necessary for him to be able to say if these individuals are being completely truthful with the interviewer.


This examiner does find two areas in Mr. Hank's ( Hank Boland) interview that showed meaningful reaction which indicates a problem with his answer. The answer he gives regarding the reason for the object disappearing when Ed saw (Hank). Mr. Hanks said that the craft communicates through Ed and can sense things through Ed. The other area is where he does not want to sign the form with his true name."


On June 19 Ed had himself tested with the Psychological Stress Evalutator, voice stress test by Robert Lauland in New Orleans. ( It is interesting to note that a test is only as good as its questions, or that the questions will determine the outcome, pass or fail) Here are a few of the questions that were asked: " Is it true that you did not kill a circular area of grass on the soccer field of G.B. High by using a trampoline?" A better question might have been, Did you tell Tommy Smith that you killed the grass with a trampoline? The real issue is whether or not he told Tommy certain things. (see additional questions below)


In Feb., 1988 Mr. Charles Flannigan arranged to have Ed tested by a reputable examiner. Mr. Flannigan and other investgators created a list of questions that the examiner could use. Ed chose not to be tested under these supervised conditions. Instead he went by himself, on 2 occasions, to another polygrapher and paid for a polygraph. The questions that the investigators prepared were not used by the examiner, and no one from MUFON accompanied him to the testing site or observed the conditions of testing. This examiner stated that, " He (ED) claims to desire no personal gain or renumeration from these sightings. " ( However, Ed and Frances did have a book in preparation at this time and were actively seeking publication, which usually means money.)


It would be desirable for Ed, Frances, their son Danny, Hank Boland, and Tommy Smith to all take supervised polygraph tests to insure the validity of the results. So far the Smith family has agreed to these conditions if the Walters family would agree also. The Walters family has so far refused.


Questions from Lauland voice stress analysis June 19, 1990 and observations on these questions:


1... Is it true that you did not make the UFO model that was found at 612 Silverthorn Drive in Gulf Breeze, Fl, ? Ans: Yes  ( observation: Someone could have made the model for Ed, and he could be answering this question truthfully)


2... Is it true that you did not have a model of a UFO at 612  Silverthorn Dr. in Gulf Breeze, Fl. Ans: Yes. ( observation:  If Ed had more than one model of UFOs at the house, this answer could be truthful but misleading.)


3... Is it true that you do not know who made the UFO model  found on Silverthorn Drive in Gulf Breeze, Fl. Answer: Yes.  (observation: The question has been skillfully juggled from the previous pattern by substituting ON for AT and omitting  the house number. Ed could be answering truthfully in that the model was not found on the street, but inside the house.)  

4... Is it true that you have never taken stereo camera photos of any airplane landing any time in your life? Answer: Yes.  (observation: Ed could be answering this question truthfully since it is the wrong question, The question should have read, " Is it true That you told Tommy Smith that you went out and took a picture of an airplane landing at night, held the camera sideways, " since that was the allegation made by Tommy Smith)


5... Is it true that you did not kill a circular area of grass on the soccer field of Gulf Breeze High School by using a trampoline? Answer: (observation: again this is the wrong question. Tommy Smith's allegation was, " If I remember correctly, he told me that he turned a small trampoline upside down on it for a while and jumped up and down on it." Obviously the question does not address the allegation.


Mr. Lauland states in his opening paragraph, " ...and the questions were reworded for clarification..." (This gave Walters the opportunity to carefully word the questions so that he could answer truthfully without providing any meaningful results.)


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