DOCUMENT 2: Second letter to Walters.

Mr. Edward Walters
PO Box 715
Gulf  Breeze,  Florida  32562

February 26, 1997

Dear Mr. Walters:

Thank you for your prompt response to my letter of February 15.  Perhaps I wasn't clear regarding the photos.  

I  wrote to you out of courtesy and because Morrow  suggested I do.  I am sorry that you feel the need to try and stop me from using the "Believer Bill"  and "Jane"  photos you used in The Gulf Breeze Sightings.    I mistakenly  assumed that you would graciously consent to their use.

Unless you clarify, prove,  your ownership of the photos,  I will be using copies of  them in my  (rather critical)  paper.  


Barbara Becker


WALTERS REPLY   Postmark Pensacola Florida March 3, 1997.

You are on notice.  I will take appropriate action to protect  my copyrights.  
Signed: Ed Walters

PS: I have no idea who you are and I assume nothing about you.  I receive many
requests for the use of my copyright material.  The photos you requested are protected
by a  Reg.  Copyright.

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