Document 3: Third letter to Walters.

Mr. Edward Walters
Gulf Breeze, Florida

March 8, 1997

Dear Mr. Walters:

I am sorry to bother you again but I am positive we are not discussing the same  photographs.  I am talking about the Believer Bill and Jane photos you used in your book The Gulf Breeze Sightings.  Are these the photos you are telling me I can't use?

Mr. Walters, I am just a writer, not a  lawyer, but I am positive  that the only person who can copyright the  Bill and Jane photos is the photographer.  If you didn't take them,  then you don't own them, your claim of copyright for them is invalid,  and you can't stop me or anyone else from reproducing them in any form at any time.    It's just that simple.  

I hope you understand my position.  You claim to own two photographs  I want to use and everything points to you NOT  owning them.  Simply claiming to own the copyright doesn't prove anything.   However, if  you are the photographer, I would like to know  because I will certainly not  go against the rightful owner of the photographs.   Under that condition I will honor your copyright.


Barbara Becker


WALTERS REPLY   Postmark Pensacola Florida March 14, 1997.

3/13/97.   Ownership was given me by Cook.  The reg.  copyrights are recorded w/ Lib. of Cong.  You are still on notice.  Signed: Ed Walters

PS: Next day.  My copyright attor.  assures me I have ownership.  (Also copyrighted w/Morrow Publishing ) I will not address this further.  See you in court.

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