Ed Walters of Gulf Breeze, Florida, writes:

"FOR THE RECORD, about my record: When is was 19 years old (23 years ago), I was involved with three (also teenaged) friends. We went joyriding in four cars over several months. Of course this is called `car theft'. I also passed a
$350.00 bad check. I was arrested and foolishly refused to tell the names of the others involved. The car theft charges were dropped (all the cars were returned), but the judge expected me to tell the names of my `friends'. I pled
guilty to the check charge, and served 2 1/2 years."

In reality Ed Walters was pardoned on March 14, 1990.  The pardon reads as follows:

"... it was determined that EDWARD DANIEL WALTERS who was convicted in the (1) Criminal Court of Record, Duval County, Florida, December 14, 1966, of the offense of Uttering a Forgery, and sentenced therefor to serve five years in a
State prison with credit for time served; (2) Circuit Court, Alschua County, Florida, February 28, 1967, of the offenses of Larcency of Auto (2 cases), and sentenced thereafter to serve five years in a State prison, on each, to run concurrent, and concurrent with sentence in (1), and who was granted restoration of civil rights on September 15, 1970, should now, upon showing made, be granted a full pardon with the right to own, possess or use firearms; it being shown to the Board that he is living a lawabiding life, and that the Florida Parole Commission, after making a thorough investigation, recommended that he be granted a full pardon with the right to own, possess and use firearms."

Signed: Governor/Sec. of State/Att. Gen./Comptroller/Treasurer/Com. of Ed./ Com. of Agr.

DATED: March 14, 1990


There are several problems here. First, Ed says in SMEAR that "the car theft charges were dropped".  That's not true. According to the pardon he was convicted on 2 counts of auto theft and sentenced to serve five years on each
count, sentence to run concurrent.

Second: He was not pardoned until March 14, 1990.  Until that time he was committing a crime as a felon by possessing firemarms.  Yet throughout his book, THE GULF BREEZE SIGHTINGS, Ed repeatedly describes carrying/possessing various firearms; a 20 guage shotgun, a .32 calibre pistol, a .22 rifle,  all of which he refers to as HIS. On June 10, 1990 Ed participated in a dialogue on CompuServe. When asked about his possession of firearms he said, "The guns you re-
fer to belong to my wife." Yet Frances says, "I had never shot at any living thing in my life..." (GBS p. 66).  That Frances would own this aresenal seems out of character.

[All of the above is a matter of public record. This is not meant to harm Ed or his family in any way. It is just another part of the story.]

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