DOCUMENT 1:   First letter sent to Ed Walters regarding his copyright of the "Believer Bill"  and  "Jane" photos used in his book, The Gulf Breeze Sightings.   In the original letter, Walters has scribbled his reply on the existing letter.  His reply will follow  the body of my letter.  (Anyone wishing Xerox copies of  the original documents can E-mail me.)


Mr.  Edward  Walters
PO Box 715
Gulf  Breeze,  Florida  32562                       

February 15, 1997

Dear Mr.  Walters:

I am preparing a paper on Gulf Breeze and would like to copy/use  the "Believer Bill" and "Jane" photos you used in the Gulf Breeze Sightings. I originally asked permission of Morrow Publishing but they referred me to you.
Please tell me under what conditions you will allow their use.


Barbara Becker

WALTERS REPLY    Postmark: Pensacola Florida February 21, 1997

Sorry - due to other obligations your request is not approved at this time. 

Thanks for the interest.  

Signed: Ed Walters.

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