Question 11: What do you foresee will be the official MUFON  position to your disclosure of this information?


Answer: We really don't know, but we feel that we have an  obligation to share the results of our efforts with the  citizens of Gulf Breeze and the Pensacola area. remember that  we too were believers of the Walters case and only changed our  minds after the preponderance of evidence  indicated that there  was a hoax involved. We hope that MUFON will consider our  evidence and support our conclusions. We sincerely hope that  MUFON will continue to be an objective investigative agency of  the UFO phenomena.


 Question12: You probably know that Mr. Walters is running for  the office of City Council member. What effect do you for see  that your disclosure will have on his campaign?

 Answer: We are not residents of Gulf Breeze and hence have no  interest in the elections of the city. Our timing on the  release of this information is precipitated by the lnowledge  that some elements of MUFON are attempting to discredit us. We  also would like to bring the investigation to a close because  we have many important things to do that have been deferred  because of our work on the case. We even gave up our usual summer vacation because of it.


 Question13: Is there anything else that you would like to add?

 Answer: Yes, we would like to repeat that the validity of the  hundreds of other UFO related events which have been reported  in the area is not affected by this disclosure and the outcome  of the Walters case. We still remain students and  investigators of the UFO phenomena and are grateful to the  many witnesses who have shared their experience with us. We  hope that they will continue to do so.



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